Oanes ferry quay


Adventures awaits

– In a way this is the starting point for a fantastic adventure in Ryfylke. It’s a short trip to e.g Preikestolen (The Pulpit Rock) that’s only 20 minutes by car from the quay. The quay is purpousbulit for operating point to point traffic between Oanes and Lauvvik and can be said to be the ‘Southern alternative’ to the Stavanger-Tau line.

Fun facts

Basic ferry quay, kiosk open during summer time. Manned ticketing takes place on-land in summer season. Extremely silent and calm conditions. Picturesque, with mist fog and high mountains in background. The ferry can be viewed througout the whole journey and even when docking at Lauvvik on the other side. Oanes-Lauvvik, Ship: M/F “Finnøy”
The crossing takes about 10 minutes

The view towards Oanes ferry quay now

Oanes ferry quay (Click for larger image)

Innerfade Timelapse

See the day going by in just a few seconds.

Timelapse from today    Timelapse from yesterday

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