Lysefjord bridge

Beautiful Road Award

– Lysefjord bridge is a traditional suspension bridge across Lysefjord in Forsand. The bridge was opened in december 1997 and is 640 meters (2099.74 feet) long. The main span is 446 meters (1463.25 feet) and has a sidespan of 193 meters (633.2 feet). Under the bridge there is a shipclearing of 50 meters (164.04 feet).

In 1999 the bridge won “Beautiful Road Award” (Vakre Vegers Pris) from the Directorate of Public Roads. The reason for the award was that the Lysefjord bridge did not cause any big impact on the natural surroundings. The jury said that the bridge where beautiful both from a distance and close up.

The view towards Lysefjord bridge now

Lysefjord bridge (Click for larger image)

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