From old trading place to modern marina

– Bergevik is located 800 meters (2 625 feet) along inside the entrance to Lysefjord. Here you find Lysefjorden Marina who has everything you would need for a great adventure.

Lysefjorden marina
Lysefjorden marina (Click for larger image)

Lysefjorden Marina also have apartments to rent as well as a party and small conference centre in the old shore house – “Bergevik Brygge”. An old trading place has been transformed into a modern marina and starting point for both boat and mountain tours alongside the beautiful Lysefjord, as well as a unique venue for hosting special occasions and small conferences.

Lysefjorden Marina: 

The view towards Bergevik now

Bergevik (Click for larger image)

Innerfade Timelapse

See the day going by in just a few seconds.

Timelapse from today    Timelapse from yesterday

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  1. Tom
    Monday 6 July 2015

    Thank you for providing the webcam access. My favorite place on Earth!

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