About Lysefjordcam


Lysefjordcam is a non-profit volunteer project promoting the beautiful Forsand and Lysefjord area. Lysefjordcam’s camera has since 2005 taken live pictures from selected locations around the Lysefjord entrance. New in 2015 is the live HD video stream  that can be watched on YouTube 24/7. Enjoy your stay at Lysefjord, Norway. Home of many spectacular adventures.

One of the finest Cam site in the world!

In May 2015 Lysefjordcam.com was listed on EarthCam’s Top 10 Cams in the world! The Top 10 Cams are chosen based on quality of image, uniqueness of content and overall technical achievements in webcam technology.
EarthCam Top 10 Winner

Here is a preview of some camera pictures taken in daylight

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Technical information

Camera: Axis Q6055-E
A motorized network camera with (PTZ) pan tilt and 32x optical zoom